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May 28, 2023

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Toddler Birthday Gift Ideas That Parents Actually Want

Manga-Tiles- These not only are amazing for a toddler’s development and imagination but Magna-Tiles last years and you can always add on to your collection as your kiddo grows up.
Shop Magna Tiles HERE –
Check out our FAVORITE similar brand HERE –

Water Table – Our Almost 2-year-old got this water table for her 1st birthday and we use it ALL THE TIME. She loves this table and so do all of her friends.
Shop our water table HERE –
Check out this super cool version that our friend has (and ALL the kids are obsessed with) –

Bubble ANYTHING – Bubbles are easily any toddler’s favorite toy to play with. From bubble machines to big bubble kits, this is sure to make a great gift for any toddler.
This is our favorite bubble set –

Chalk- Kids love it and parents love the clean-up… need I say more?
Shop our favorite chalk HERE –

Picnic Bench – Foster independence with our little ones by giving them a space set up perfect for their size to eat, play, and color.
This is our favorite picnic bench –

Shop a few more ideas that we love HERE –

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