Godox AD200 Pro Review + MagMod Off-Camera Flash (OCF) Review

My GODOX AD200 Pro Review

The GODOX AD200 Pro + MagMod Lighting Review combined together are THE best off-camera flash setup I could have ever asked for. I use this combination for virtually every wedding, and every shoot leading me to believe it is one of the best flash combinations on the market. If you like speedy transitions of gear and fast recycle time, then you are going to love this dynamic duo. Today I’m showing you my OCF(Off-Camera Flash) setup and why I love shooting with these two together.

My Review Featuring Magmod

Check out the AD200 PRO and all the technical specs HERE- https://amzn.to/2MabNLz
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What I Think About The AD200 Pro

Firstly, people often ask me what I recommend for an all-around best light to have in your photography toolkit that can do weddings and sessions but it’s big and bulky. I always recommend the Godox AD 200 Pro simply because it is lightweight, compact, and powerful AF.

Secondly, this strobe will run you a fraction of the cost of other strobes on the market and offers (in my opinion) similar if not equal light without dropping a grand on a new flash. Due to its affordable price, I feel comfortable taking this flash to the beach and really pushing my limits with it. Sometimes I even take it in the water (not underwater) if I have an assistant to help me hold it while I shoot.

Im curious to know if you shoot with an AD200 Pro or if you are thinking about getting one. leave me a comment on my Youtube video and let me know!

Moorea Thill On White Rock Beach shooting with a godox ad200 pro

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