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Milk Bath Photoshoot – Moorea Thill Photography

February 24, 2022

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Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot

Lots of mamas want to remember this special experience of pregnancy with a milk bath photoshoot. We are so lucky to get the opportunity to capture motherhood through these sessions in Maui Hawaii AND Austin Texas! Here are some of our favorite shots from our recent floral bath in Maui.

For this session, we decided on yellow hibiscus and plumerias to give a tropical vibe to the session. Our florist Andrea with Petite Bloom did a wonderful job putting together a beautiful Lei Po’o filled with stunning pincushion proteas and other flowers to compliment the milk bath.

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Photography by Moorea Thill Photography Team

We absolutely LOVED the way this session came out and we’re so happy to see another happy client enjoy a floral milk bath while on their babymoon with their ohana.

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