What To Wear For Your Austin Family Photography Portraits

Austin Family Photography Portrait

Wondering what to wear for your Austin Family Photography Portraits?!? Outfit selection is the main thing that my clients stress the most about for their Austin family portraits.  If you are feeling stressed about planning your Austin portrait outfits, I gotchu! I have put together this small guide to make planning your clothing simple and painless.

You can also download this full guide HERE!

Read more on colors, fabrics, patterns, and “what not to wear” to have your family looking like the most fly family in Austin!

Oasis Austin Family Photography Portraits

Stay Away From The Matchy-Matchy

Often times families show up either wearing all white or all black or all one color shirts and khaki pants and if I’m being completely honest, this isn’t the most flattering for everyone. Not only are there different shades of colors, making it impossible to match exactly, but it’s also fun to mix in some personality to your outfits. If you do choose to wear one color, try to mix it up with different shades of that color for each person.

Chances Are It’s Going to Be Warm

Wear something you don’t mind moving around in and that will not be too hot. Some fabrics are prone to showing sweat and will also make you feel hotter in general (and no not in a sexy kind of way). Try and find clothing that you can’t tell if a little sweat or water gets on it. I typically recommend flow dresses for women and shorts with a short-sleeve button-up for men. 

If you have little ones, I ALWAYS recommend bringing a few backup options, in case we have a big summer blowout or a chocolate monster accident. If this is a shoot where we are on a lake or a river, make sure to bring a towel for them to sit on for the ride home. No one likes sitting in wet clothes but it’s especially bad when you sit on wet car seats the next day. 

Austin Family Photography Portrait Session on Wailea Beach

Avoid Bold Patterns and Logos 

When more than one person wears a bold pattern it is very distracting to the eye. An example could be multiple Hawaiian print shirts from the ABC store or mismatched plaid. Using patterns for one person’s outfit can be a great way to determine a color pallet for the rest of the outfits. Here is a good example of using a pattern to determine a color pallet.

Couples Portrait Session Maui

If you take one thing away from this blog post it should be this: STAY AWAY FROM LOGOS! Logos are the most distracting thing in family portrait photography, other than random people who are photobombing in the background. Our team does our best to edit out any unwanted people or distractions in the background, however, we do not edit logos out unless special editing requests are made, which are an extra fee per photo. So do yourself a favor and opt-out for anything with a logo large or distracting on it.

Couples Adventure Austin Family Photography Portrait

Are you thinking of having Austin Family Photography Portraits taken this year?

Well, let’s get this party started and book your family’s annual photo update.

My name is Moorea and I am a professional family photographer based in Round Rock but serving Austin and the surrounding areas. I specialize in capturing the TRUE expressions of you and your ohana. Growing up, I dreaded taking family pictures, so I have made it my personal mission to create fun experiences for kids. I LOVE playing games during our photo sessions so I can capture the real laughs and the true smiles (not the CHEEEEEEESEY grins and the stiff posing).

I’ve shot all over the US including almost all of the Hawaiian Islands and many other destination spots. From capturing elopements, families, and maternity shoots, I’ve done it all. With tons of portrait packages available in Austin and in Maui, I make it simple and painless to work together. 

Find more information about planning your Austin family photography portrait session on my website. Inquire HERE to reserve your spot on my calendar today!

Here are a few more images of outfits I loved throughout the years I’ve been capturing Family Portraits.

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