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How To Save Money On Your Destination Elopement

February 24, 2021

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Saving Money On Your Destination Elopement -My Top 5 Tips for saving money when planning your Destination Elopement / Adventure Elopement

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1. Reduce Reuse Recycle Your Florals

Saving money on your destination elopement can feel overwhelming. One of the wonderful things about eloping is that typically you don’t have a large party with you. Since floral arrangements are one of the larger expenses of your big day feel free to splurge on the bouquet of your dreams. Keep in mind, that you will most likely save more money on your destination elopement if you choose local, in-season flowers. If you need more than just a bouquet, there are ways to conserve and reuse some of your flowers from one segment of your day to the next. Often times I see lots of beautiful arrangements being used on arches for elopement ceremonies and then coordinated to be reused as decor for an intimate reception later on in the night.

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2. Save the Paper for Your Save The Date

Printing Save The Dates alone is a costly expense. The more friends and family you have, the higher the cost. A new trend that is emerging in the destination elopement industry is to design your Save The Date digitally. You can use a free program like Canva and email it to all your friends and family. It is a completely free alternative to printing and if having a physical copy is important to you, you can always print a few for yourself.

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3. Document Your Destination Elopement The Right Way

I’ve seen it all, from Cousin Bob doing the photography for the day, all the way to an iPhone wedding. Trust me when I say this, hire a PROFESSIONAL photographer! This should be the one thing from your day that you take the time to research. Make sure your photographer is a match to your style AND personality.

One of the best things about being a Destination Elopement Photographer myself is that I specialize in capturing the full scenic experience. This is super important for destination elopement photography. You want someone who is used to being in the elements and who knows how to properly capture a stunning scene in ANY lighting situation. Destination elopement photographers are experts on lighting and location. Oftentimes we offer a full photography package that includes travel. This allows you to relax about the logistics of planning travel for another person. If you are still looking for a destination elopement photographer to capture your special day, feel free to inquire HERE. Afterward, we can chat more about your big day adventure.

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4. Save Money and Travel In The Off-Season

Saving money on your destination elopement through travel is a huge money saver. This will depend largely upon your destination elopement location. However, traveling during the slower months like October, November, February, or March, you can find cheaper airline tickets. Hopefully, this will also allow you to stay a little longer too. This could be a great option for doing a double adventure where you elope and then have your honeymoon all in one trip. Can anyone say “HELLO BORA BORA”!
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5. BnB v.s. Backpacking

Depending on your adventure elopement location it might be a good idea to check the pricing for an Air BnB. Going FULL adventure mode and backpacking or car camping is always an option too. Sometimes you can find a killer deal on Air BnB or VRBO, but if you both are true adventure elopers, then you know you can save a lot of money by simply staying in the finest hotel of them all: Nature. Multi-day backpacking adventure elopements are my jam! So if you have a crazy wild idea in mind that involves backing up the sleeping bags and weighing our packs down to the ounce, let’s chat more!

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