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For those of you who are new here, my name is Moorea and I am a photographer/adventure elopement planner and educator based in Austin Texas and Maui Hawaii but traveling all over the US! You can often find me working from home with a with an oat milk latte on my desk, or cuddling with my two kitties Taquito + Cholola. I’m one of THOSE cat ladies that takes the kitties on walks and yes I have a stroller just for them. I help photographers and small business owners design a life they adore that’s filled with passive income and financial freedom, because lets be real...2020 made us photographers realize we need to diversify our income (am I right?!)

You probably have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the planning of your big day but Im happy to say, Im here to help. My mission is to help you kick the stress out and plan the adventure of your dreams! My team and I service 3 major locations: Maui, Texas, and Colorado. We offer all inclusive packages tailored to exactly what you are looking for. So if that sounds like a plan to you, let's get you started today!

Youtube coach, Photographer, Adventure Planner, and mama

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— Wendy

Moorea is THE ABSOLUTE BEST. We're not used to getting our photos professionally taken. But, upon meeting, we instantly felt comfortable with her and the camera. I appreciated that she gave direction on how to pose, while still taking candid photos."

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