Our Baby Girl!

We are so excited to welcome our baby girl in August 2021! Mommy and Daddy are already starting to prepare her nursery with Montessori style influence and prepping the house for when she starts to crawl. 

Where We Are Registered

please note we have not listed our shipping address on coco moon or droplets for privacy purposes. If you need our address please reach out and ill be happy to give it to you💗

Amazon is by far the easiest place we shop on a weekly basis due to the fast shipping times and delivery straight to out door. 


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Droplets is our favorite local store based in Wailea and Makawao. We love all the adorable clothes they carry and cute local style books and toys they stock. 


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This is LITERALLY all of our favorite brands for baby clothes, swaddles, blankets, and more. From CocoMoon to Solly, we love supporting small business that make unique/artist inspired products that last a lifetime.


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Mommy + Daddy's Most Wanted Item

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Buy Buy Baby

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Because who doesn't love Target!? Ben and I shop here all the time and love how easy they have made their baby registry services! 


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We love using coupons to save money, and luckily Buy Buy Baby allows you to use your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons there too! 

A Glimpse Into Our Journey

Due August 3rd 2021

She loves when mommy eats strawberry pie from Monkey Pod

At 21 weeks she kicked for grandma and daddy for the 1st time

Baby girl makes mommy tired A LOT so we have lots of nap times with the cats

She LOVES Keto + Lulu so much already and likes to let them know she is here when she hears them purring on mommy's belly

She loves when daddy reads to her at night before bed

Baby girl is officially on the move and active with movement everyday. Orange juice make her do backflips and chocolate makes her do cartwheels

25 Weeks - We officially hired our wonderful Doula and signed up for our birthing classes. Things are becoming very real and we are so excited to welcome baby girl soon!

28 Weeks - We had our 28 week gestational diabetes check up. Although it was rough, mommy passed the test and mommy and baby are very healthy.

Mommy shot her last wedding in Durango CO and is now officially on maternity leave from in person weddings but is still working virtually up until baby girl arrives.

29 Weeks - Grandma and Grandpa Sebastian got us our rocking chair for baby's nursery AND Grandma and Grandpa Feder got baby girl the Doona carseat/stroller! This chick is gonna be rockin' out in style when she gets here!

About Baby Girl 

For those of you who can't attend our in-person shower, but would like to join us in welcoming our baby girl, we will be having a virtual baby shower on June 26th, 3 pm CST on Zoom

Join us for our Virtual Baby Shower

Maui, Hawaii


pinks and mustard yellows 

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Mahalo Nui Loa!