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I'm Moorea,

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I'm a photographer and educator based in Austin Texas and Maui Hawaii but traveling all over the US! You can often find me working from home with a with an oat milk latte on my desk, or cuddling with my two kitties Taquito + Cholula. I’m one of THOSE cat ladies that takes the kitties on walks and yes I have a stroller just for them. I help photographers and small business owners design a life they adore that’s filled with passive income and financial freedom, because lets be real...2020 made us photographers realize we need to diversify our income (am I right?!)

You probably have been feeling a little stuck and maybe you're unsure how to make Youtube work FOR YOU. My mission is to help you kick the stress out and leap into a profit filled business to do the damn thing! So let's connect and get you started today!

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I'm Moorea,

Maui Elopement Photographer and Planner

— Julia N.

 I do not have enough great things to say about Moorea! I recently took her 1-on-1 program and wow. Seriously she knows her stuff and I learned so many things"

— Wendy T.

Moorea is THE ABSOLUTE BEST. We're not used to getting our photos professionally taken. But, upon meeting, we instantly felt comfortable with her and the camera. I appreciated that she gave direction on how to pose, while still taking candid photos."

— Katherine S.

Stop what you're doing and start working with Moorea! Her strategies have changed my business!"

— Katia R.

I found Moorea off Instagram - really loved the photos she posted. She absolutely exceeded all my expectations! "

— Elizabeth M.

Moorea's courses are second to none and she helped me understand everything I needed to know to start on Youtube!"

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